March 26, 2015

Gtmetrix Speed Test

Tool Name: Gtmetrix
Feature: Website speed test, analyse website performance and suggestion to fix the problem.

Type: Online
Price: Free


December 21, 2014

Google Trend Market Research

Tool Name: Google Trend
Feature: Google search received trillions search in a year, it reflect user favourite keyword search over the time. This can be a good tool for market research, competitor analysis and forecast future trend.

Type: Online
Price: Free


November 19, 2014

Think With Google Brand Impression

Tool Name: Think With Google Brand Impression
Feature: Search brand impression, latest news and discussion from G+
Type: Online
Price: Free

May 9, 2014

Spy On Web - Disclose Website With Same IP, Analytics and Adsense Code

Tool Name: Spy On Web
Feature: Scan website host in same IP, install same Analytics and Adsense code
Type: Online
Price: Free


July 10, 2013

Google Images Search

Tool Name: Google Image Search
Feature: Upload image and search the similar images, user can filter the images by date and size
Type: Online
Price: Free

May 30, 2013

Tools to Create Responsive Web Designs

The entire process of developing a responsive web design can be a bit tricky if the correct approach is not followed. However, there are certain tools available that can lessen the difficulty. With such exponential growth of smart phone and tablet usage, most savvy web developers are opting to develop responsive web designs to keep up. Responsive web designs save a lot of money, time and effort. It offers benefits like easy usability and longevity.

To design any website, the first step is to jot down all the ideas that come to mind. Then, finalize the right placement of all the necessary elements required to develop a particular web page. To make the process a lot easier, there are certain tools that can be of help. Have a look at some of them:

Responsive wireframes
This is probably the best place to start. It allows the user to learn about the stacking process of responsive elements in particular layouts. It also helps determine those particular areas of the layout that will be given the most emphasis when working with different devices.

This tool was developed by Adobe's James Mellers. It offers both mobile as well as desktop varieties of wireframe mock-ups that include guided entry, homepage, promo entry, comparison page and product detail. There is a toggle button at the upper right corner of the tool’s home page. When the button is clicked, it will highlight examples on the changes that different elements of a common page will go through as per the device being used for viewing.

Multi device layout patterns
This tool was developed by notable designer Luke Wroblewski. It offers a wide number of examples on which responsive layout to choose, based on a site's existing content. This tool provides amazing help in the decision making process. Countless designs and patterns are available under five distinctive layouts, with details on the workings of these patterns and designs.

This is the best solution for designers who focus heavily on “content first”. Wirefy is elegant and simple in presentation. It allows the user to structure and plan the content properly. Fully functional wireframes can be used to display the workings and outlook of the newly developed responsive sites. Those who have a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML can benefit most from this tool, as a simple code editor is required to work with this tool.

Developed by Twitter designers, Bootstrap is definitely one of the most popular tools for creating responsive web designs. It is intended to make the entire process of prototyping easy and painless. There is also a customized feature present. This feature can be used to pick and choose the different types of responsive elements present responsible for developing a page. Downloading prepared versions, and utilizing the JQuery plugins can make the process much simpler.

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March 8, 2013

Fotobounce - Bulk Photos Download For Facebook, Google and Flickr

Tool Name: Fotobounce
Feature: Bulk download Facebook photos album between personal, tag, and friends profile, 
Type: Windows / Mac application (require Facebook, Flickr or Google login)
Price: Free

Last week we share Pick & Zip tool to bulk photos, while using the tool we found some of the album is not available for download. To solve the issue, we found an alternative tool fotobounce, it support direct transfer of photos from Flickr to Facebook, Google to Facebook, and vice versa.